Best Lovely Collection of Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband & Wife

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Anniversary Wishes for Wife | Anniversary Wishes for Husband | Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband & Wife


Happy Wedding Anniversary My Dear,

I Wish Our Love Will Grow Stronger Then a Mountain,

Wider Than the Sky, Brighter Than the Moon,

And Warmer Than the Sun.


My Wife,

You Are So Loving, Beautiful, Romantic, Kind And Caring.

Words Are Not Enough To Express How Much You Mean To Me.

Thanks for Being There For Me and For another Lovely Year of Marriage.


I Am Lost For Words.

All I Want to Say That I’m Glad we’re together and you are the Best Thing to Have Happened to Me.

I Wish I Could Just Pause Time Right Now And Live This Moment Forever.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes To You My Love.


My Dear,

You Don’t Need To Worry About How Hard Life Is,

Because I Will Always Be By Your Side To Go Through It.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to My Sweet Heart.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to My Dear Wife.

The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Is You.

You Complete Me…..


After All of These Years,

You Are Still The Most Beautiful Women To ME.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Honey….



Many People Give Their Wife’s Gift on This Beautiful Day.

But I Have Kept It Really Simple And Given My Whole Life To You.

Honey, I Love You wedding Anniversary Gift.


There Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Marriage Unless,

Two People Become Mature Enough To Understand That.

We Are One Such Couple.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wish to My Heartbeat.


I Am So Happy To Have Someone,

Who Loves, Take Care, Supports And Understands Me.

I Am Glad You Are the Most Wonderful Person to Be My Life Partner.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wish My Dear.


The Day We Took Our Wedding Vows Was the Beginning of Our

Journey to a Wonderland.

Hold My Hand always My Dear, Promise Me Not to Let Go.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Sweetheart.


You Are My Love, My Best Friend and My Queen.

You Are My Soul Mate.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Sweetheart.



Best Wishes and Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to the Reason of My Success.

The Reason of My Happiness and All the Smiles,

The Reason Our Marriage Has Latest Many A mile.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes To My Wife.


It Doesn’t Matter Whether We Celebrate Our

Paper, Wood, Cotton Or Silver Anniversary,

Because Our Love Will Always Be As Pure Gold.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Darling.



I Can’t Believe One More Year Has Just Passed Us By.

How Time Flies When We Are Happy.

It’s A Great Honor and Pleasure to Be Your Husband.

I Love You Dear, Happy Wedding Anniversary.


My Love, Life May Be Tough.

We May Quarrel and Fight Over Small and Big Problems.

But You Need To Remember,

I Will Never Leave You As I Love You Very Much.



Wishing You All The Happiness And Love In The World And Congratulations On Your Wedding Anniversary.



My Dear Wife,

You Are the Seat Belt in the Roller Coaster of My life,

Which In Every Turn And In Every Ups And Downs Of My Life Protect Me.

You Are Very Special To Me.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to My Love.


Once Again, Let Me Give You A Kiss.

Once Again, Let Me Feel Eternal Bliss.

Once Again, Let Me Put My Arm Around Your Waist.

Once Again, Let Me Feel Love’s Taste.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Love


The Happiest Day In My Life Was The Day You Finally Became My Wife.

I feel so lucky Every Day of My Life Having You as My Lover and Best Friend.

Thank you For Your Love and Care.

Happy Wedding Anniversary My Heart.


Happy Anniversary to the Woman of My life.

Every Moment That We Have Been Through During Our Marries Life.

Whether They Are Annoying Ones or Beautiful Ones,

I Will Always Cherish Them Because I LOVE YOU.



Sending You Loving Wishes That You Will Grow Deeper And Deeper In Love With Every Passing Anniversary.



Happy Wedding Anniversary My Dear Wife,

It Doesn’t Matter If We Argue Or Not,

What Really Matters Is That We Love Each Other More Than Our Difference,

Thanks For All Your Support.

May We Have Really Blessed Life Ahead.


Our First Marriage Anniversary Is A Reminder Of The Fact,

That You Make Great Decisions In Life,

Including The One To Say Yes And Get Married To Me.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary To You.


You and the Love You Show Me Are The Reason I Feel So Alive Today.

Thanks For Inspiring Me With Your Patience And Devotion.

You Complete Me. Honey,

I Love You So Much Happy Wedding Anniversary.


On This Very Special Day,

I want To Once Again Take My Vow In front Of You.

I Love You My Dream Girl.

I Will Always Be By Your Side Until Death Do Us Part.

Trust Me, I Will Guarantee You That Promise Is Well Kept.


May You Continue To Be A Wonderful Husband & Wife To Each Other.

Wishing You Nothing But Happiness, Love, Joy And Promise I The Years Ahead…



You Have Always Given My Life A New Purpose When I Was Trying To Let Go Of Everything.

You Always Had My Back When The Times Were Tough.

On This Anniversary I Can Only Wish You And Thank You For All That You Have Done For ME.


May Our Relationship Always Be As Tranquil As the 1st Ray of the Morning Sun,

And As Beautiful As the 1st Glimpse of the Moon Radiance at Night.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary.


My Heart I Am So Lucky To Have You,

You Brighten Up My Day And Complete My Life.

Nothing Could Be Compared With The True Love You Have Given Me.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Honey…!!!!


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