Awesome Collections of Sweet Good Night Sms in 2017

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Awesome Sweet Good Night Sms | Sweet Good Night Sms

So, have a look and Latest collection your favorite Sweet Good Night Sms and Sweet Good Night Messages send or share with Sense of heart in English & Hindi 2017.sweet good night sms

Sweet Good Night Sms in English & Hindi

The devils shadow once covered the angel of GOD.

The angel said” oh evil shadow they say is not far,

When you will see heavens light with all its might

But for now GOOD NIGHT


Aap hamare sabse achhe DOST hain.

Ye DIL se kahte hain hum.

Isliye aapko rooz yaad karte hain hum.

Baki kuchh kahe ya na kahe.

Rooz raat ko aapko GOOD NIGHT kahte hain hum.


Try to make at least two people happy in a day.

But make sure that one of them is you… Sweet Good Night Sms


Teri palko main rahna hain.

Raat bhar ke liye jaaneman.

Main to ek khawab hun.

Subah hote hi chala jaunga…..


Take a glass of sugar and put it in your eyes,

So you will have sweet dreams!

If you want Masada dreams,

Then try chili powder! Good Night

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Sweet Good Night Sms

Lekar sitaro ko ye raat aayi hai,

Aankho me hajaro khawab layi hai .

In khawab me kho jao .

Band karo palke ,aur ab so jao…


Baby you are on my mind day to night unusually.

Thinking and dreaming about you unexpectedly,

Just like sweet surprise.

Only an angle cud ne so BRIGHT Good Night


Raat aati hai sitare leker,

Nind aati hai sapne lekaar.

Hamari bus itni duwa hai,

Kal  ki subah aaye apke liye bahut sari khushiyan lekar…


One evening I will come to your room.

Locks the door turn off the light join you in bed.

I will come closer to you my lips near your face.

And I will shout have a Sweet Good Night Sms


Abhi to raat baki hai , Hamare dl ki baat baki hai.

Jo mere dil me chupa hai , Wo jazbaat baki hai.

Jaldi se so jana dost, Aapki neend baaki hain.

Subhah milte hain, Kal ki suruwat baki hain…..

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> sweet good night sms

Sweet Good Night Sms

A day is going to end again.

It is nice to have a friend like you,

Making my everyday seems so great.

Thank you my Good Friend lastly Sweet Good Night Sms


Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona pdta hai.

Muskrane ke liye rona bhi padta hai.

Yu hi nahi ho jata hai savera.

subah dekhne ke liye rat bhar sona bhi padta hai!


As you go to bed tonight.

I ordered bats to guard you tight.

I told some ghosts to dance in white.

And to make sure you’re alright.

I will ask the Dracula to kiss your neck… Good Night


Aap hamare sabse achchhe DOST hain.

Ye DIL se kahate hain hum.

Isliye aapko rooz yaad karte hain hum.

Baki kuchh kahe ya naa kahen.

Rooz raat ko AAPKO Good Night kahate hain hum…..


On this cold night,

In my small small room,

I look at the bright bright stars,

In the dark dark sky,

And dream of your sweet sweet smile,

On your cute face… Sweet Good Night Sms


Raat ka chand aasman me nikal aaya hain.

Saath me taro ki barat laya hain.

Zara aasman ki or to dekho.

Taroon ka khubsurat tofa hamari oor se Good Night kahne aaya hain.


Hi moon dims your light,

Hello wind breeze soft,

Hi flower blossom slowly,

Hello earth spins gently,

Because my friend is going to sleep…! Good Night

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Sweet Good Night Smssweet good night sms

Sweet Good Night Sms

Raat ko chupke se aati hain ek pari,

Kuchh khushiyon ke sapne lati hain ek pari,

Kehti hain sapno ke aagosh main kho jao.

Bhul ke sare gam chupke se so jao…..Good Night


No stars to wish,

No moon to light,

And no flowers to smell,

Just loneliness,

Waiting for your hot kisses is saying… Good Night


Upar aasman se jo tute wo ek sitara hain.

Use dekh maine rab ko pukara hain.

Rakhe wo salamat aapko hamesha,

Kabhi na tute ye rishta hamara……..Good Night


Whenever you have a DREAM inside your HEART,

Never let it go Because DREAMS are the TINY SEEDS,

From which BEAUTIFUL tomorrow GROWS,

Have a wonderful dream tonight…. Sweet Good Night Sms


Nikal aaya chand bikhar gaye sitare.

So gaye panchhi so gaye nazare.

Kho jao aap bhi mithe khawaboon main.

Dekho raat main sapne Pyaare Pyaare…..Good Night


Lying on my bed,

Looking at the clock,

I know that it’s time to sleep.

I wonder how you have been today.

Hope that everything is fine,

Have a sweet good night Sms.

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