Awesome Collections of Sweet Good Night Messages in 2017

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Awesome Sweet Good Night Messages | Sweet Good Night Messages

So, have a look and Latest collection your favorite Sweet Good Night Messages and Cute Good Night Messages send or share with Sense of heart in English & Hindi 2017.Sweet Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Messages in English & Hindi

Baby You Are On My Mind Day-Night Unusually.

Thinking and Dreaming About You Unexpectedly.

Just Like Sweet Surprise.

Only An Angle Could Be So Bright…! Sweet Good Night Messages


Ho chuki raat bahut ab so bbhi jaye.

Jo hain DIL ke kareeb uske khayalo main kho bhi jaye,

Kar raha hoga koi intezar aapka,

khawabo main hi sahi unse mil to aaye…!


Do not think of me.

I am in your eyes,

I am in your mind,

I am in your heart,

I am in your soul… everywhere

Ever if you want me just close your eyes,

And listen I am saying “I MISS YOU” Sweet Good Night Messages


Cool cool night main,

Small small room main,

Very small window ke bahir,

Bright bright star ko dekhte huwe,

Aap sweet sweet sapno main kho jaiye…!


You go to bed tonight.

I beg the moon to give you light.

Tell my angels to hug you tight.

And make sure you are all right.

And ask the gentle breeze to care you and kiss Sweet Good Night Messages

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Sweet Good Night Messages

Neend ka saath ho,

Sapno ki barat ho,

Chand sitare bhi saatn ho,

OR kuchh rahe na rahe,

Par hamari yadain aapke saath ho…!


Your dream determines your goals.

Your goals map out your action.

Your action creates results.

And the results bring you success. Sweet Good Night Messages


Deepak main agar noor na hota,

Tanha DIL yu majboor na hota,

Hum aapko GOOD NIGHT kehne jaroor aate,

Agar aapka ghar itna door na hota…


A night of peace,

A dream of love,

A moment of rest,

A feeling of satisfaction,

A sound sleep with a joyful heart is my MSG for you tonight.

Sweet Good Night Messages


Aisi kya duwa de aapko hum,

Jo aapke laboon pe haansi le aaye,

Bas yahi duwa hain hamari us KHUDA se,

Ki taaro ki roshni se wo aapke khawab saja de…!


Dream touches your heart and soul.

It is a magical memory that unites fantasy

And reality hopes you will have the sweetest dream tonight.

Sweet Good Night Messages

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Sweet Good Night Messages

Ye raat chandni lekar aapke aagan main aaye,

Ye aasman ke taare saare lori gaa kar aapko sulaye.

Ho aapke itne pyaare sapne,

Ki neend main bhi aap muskuraye…!


I wish to end this day in saying I love you.

And letting you know that I think of you.

Sending you the brightest stars tonight,

Make you sleep so sound and tight…. Sweet Good Night Messages


Phir hui halchal phir aapki yaad aayi.

Phir nikla chand phir suhaani raat aayi.

Is raat ki gehraayi main kho jao.

Thoda hume yaad karo aur pahir so jao…!


As You Go to Bed Tonight
Bats Will Guard You Tight
Ghosts Will Dance In White
To Make Sure You Are All right
I Have Also Asked Dracula to Kiss You Good Night!

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Sweet Good Night Messages

Ye raat chandni aapke aangan aye,

Ye taare saare lori gaa kar aapko sulaye,

Ho itna sudar aapke sapne,

Ki neend main bhi aap mushkuraye…!


My Dear Friend I Think About You and You Also Think About You

But The Difference Is That When I Think About You I Send You Message

And You Think About Me After Receiving My Message. Sweet Good Night Messages


Chamakte chand ko neend aane lagi,

Aapki kushi se duniya jagmagane lagi,

Dekh ke aapko har kali gungunane lagi,

Ab to likhte likhte mujhe bhi neend aane lagi…!


In Silent Night When I Wish My Friends

Then I Close My Eyes and Put My Hand

On My Heart and Remember Good Moments

Which I Spent With Them… Sweet Good Night Messages


Aap so jaate ho humse baat kiye bagair,

Aur hum ko neend nahin aati aapko yaad kiye bagair…!!!

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