50+ Best Collection of Status for Facebook in English 2017

Hello friends, this page will show you a best collection of Status for Facebook in English 2017 OR Facebook status. So, if you are searching some awesome Feeling Best Facebook Status for Facebook Profile than you is at right place. So, doesn’t delay let us make your work easy to find your favorite Facebook Status on your Facebook Profile ♥☺♥ we have brought to you the Best and Latest Status for Facebook in English 2017.

Facebook Status

Best Facebook Status | Status for Facebook

  1. My “Heart” Is Always Your!
  2. Being “Single” Is My Attitude!
  3. In Love Never Say “Sorry”!
  4. I Want My Girlfriend Like Google, She Will Understand Me Better.
  5. There Is One Problem In World Without Solution Is Girl Friend..!
  6. I Don’t Care What People _Think Or Say about Me..!
  7. Always Respects Your Self!
  8. Attitude Is Everything!
  9. 24 Hours Online :)JJJ
  10. If They Hates You For No Reason Ask The Reason…
  11. I Tried Being Like You, My Personality Didn’t Like It.
  12. Excellence Is Not A Skill, It Is An Attitude.
  13. In Life I Need Only You…!
  14. Love Is That Which Cannot See The Poorness…
  15. Don’t Play With Me Because I Am Champion…
  16. My Style Is Unique Don’t Copy It!
  17. There Is No Scale To Measure The Love…
  18. So You Are Checking My Status…
  19. The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing The Things People Say You Can’t Do It…
  20. Beauty in the Skin & Amp; Attitude in the Bone!

Status for Facebook

  1. You Never Fail Until… You Stop Trying!
  2. There Is “No” Shortcut for Success…
  3. My Attitude Is “God” Gift And Nobody Take It From Me.!
  4. Attitude Is That Which Can Give You Power…
  5. My Style Is Unique Don’t Copy It!
  6. The Only Disability In Your Life Is A Bad Attitude…
  7. My Attitude Is “God” Gift And Nobody Take It From Me.!
  8. People Say Me Bad…..But Trust Me I Am The Worst!
  9. I Lost My Heart Can Any Body See…??
  10. All The Rules Are Made… To Be Break.
  11. Dream Is Not Complete By Sleeping!
  12. The Most Painful Memory Is That… When I Walked Away From You..!!
  13. Attitude Status For Whatsapp
  14. My Attitude Is Based On How You Treat Me.
  15. Weakness of Attitude Become Weakness You…
  16. I’m In Love with You, And Nobody Stop Loving you…
  17. My Friend Ask Me, How Is Your Life? I Said She Is Fine.
  18. Do Not Wait For Time. Make It…

Facebook Status

  1. Ooooooo…..Don’t Copy My Status.
  2. Save Water, Drink Wine!!
  3. 70% Boy Have Girlfriend, Other Have Brain!
  4. A Whole Day to Celebrate.
  5. In Life Sometimes, You Have To Smile To Hide Ur Fears And Laugh To Hide Your Tears…
  6. From Outside I Am Smiling But It Does Not Mean I Am Happy…!!
  7. The Best Music in the World Is Someone’s Heartbeat Beating for You…
  8. Knowledge Is Power…
  9. Keep Calm and Sing on Mountains…
  10. Success Does Not Come In A Day…!!
  11. We Learn By Doing…
  12. Love Is The Only Thing That Control Every Single Emotion U Have.
  13. I Feel I Am Missing, Something in My Life These Days. ..
  14. Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone. Nobody Can Hurt You In Life!
  15. Simplicity Is To Live Without Ideals.
  16. Always Be Positive…..
  17. Habits Are That Make You Happy…
  18. Distance And Time Don’t Matter Anymore When You Are In My Heart.
  19. You Are The Turning Point In My Life.
  20. Love Is That, Which Can Never Explained…
  21. Love Is That Which Can Not See The Religious, Caste, Rich and Poor In Life..!!
  22. Doesn’t Worry Be Happy…?
  23. Life Goes On…
  24. There’s Only 1 Thing 2 Do 3 Words 4 You – I Love U
  25. Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorites.
  26. Love Is Cute When It’s New, But Love Is Most Beautiful When It Lasts.
  27. My Hearts Beats Only For You…!!!
  28. Love Is Like An Air… We Can’t See It But..! We Can Feel It.
  29. True Love Do Not Have Happy Ending …It Has No Ending….!!

Best Facebook Status

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