Top 20+ Latest Collections of Marriage Anniversary Sms in English 2017

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Marriage Anniversary Sms

Marriage Anniversary Sms

It’s wonderful to see how

We are blessed with a marriage

That has filled our hearts with deep love.

And given us 365 days of loving memories to treasure…!

You marriage wasn’t a marriage

It was a meeting of souls

And bodies with each other

That made you both bound in relationship… Happy Marriage Anniversary!

Marriage Anniversary Sms

Marriage Anniversary Sms

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Your Wedding Day Is Full Joy

Tomorrow You Can’t See

But One Things Sure For the Two of You

The Best Is Yet To Be….!!!

On This Marriage Anniversary…!

I Take This Opportunity to Thank You From

The Bottom of My Heart for Being

My Partner, Spouse, Lover and Friends… Happy Marriage Anniversary!

A house is built by hands

But a home is built by hearts

You can live without something

If you have someone to live for Happy Marriage Anniversary…!

I Am Not A Perfect Person.

I Make A Lot Of Mistakes.

But I Really Appreciate Those People.

Who Stay With Me after Knowing,

How I Really Am….!!!

You Two Are An Inspiration To The World.

Looking at You We Know That Soul mates Can Find

And Keep Each Other Commitment Means Something.

A Great Team Can Overcome Life’s Troubles and Love Triumphs over All….

Happy Marriage Anniversary..!!

Marriage Anniversary Sms

Marriage Anniversary Sms

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Nothing In This World Could Ever Be.

As Wonderful As The Love You Have Given Me.

Your Love Makes My Day So Very Bright.

Just Knowing You Are My Dream Wife/Husband.

Happy Marriage Anniversary My Love…!

To The Couple Most Beautiful In Heart As Well As In Soul,

May You Achieve Peace And Happiness And Meet Your Goals?

Happy Marriage Anniversary Love Life Forever…!

When You Look Ahead To the Future Or

Look Back At How Things Used To Be.

Don’t Forget To Look Beside You,

Because That Is Where You Will Find Me,

Loving With You My Sweet Heart…!

Marriage Anniversary Sms

Marriage Anniversary Sms

No Greeting Card to Give.

No Sweet Flowers to Send.

No Cut Graphics to Forward.

Just a Loving Small Sweet Heart ♥ Saying…

Happy Marriage Anniversary Sweet Heart

All My Love for You….!!!

Wishing You a Very Happy Marriage Anniversary..!!!!

The Special Day Is Here Again.

The Day We Took Our Vows You.

Are Just As Special To Me Today

As you still Get Me Aroused.

Cherish the Yesterday,

Plan Your Tomorrow,

And Celebrate Your Today,

May God Bless The Lovely Couple On Your Marriage Anniversary?

Best Wishes to You Both On Your Anniversary.

May The Love That You Share Last Your Lifetimes Through.

As You Make A Wonderful Pair.

Happy Marriage Anniversary to Dear.

As We Learn Let Us Share,

As We Take Let Us Give,

As We Weep Let Us Care,

As We Love Let Us Live

Best Wishes Marriage Anniversary Your Life…

If I Meet You On Tomorrow I Would Still Give.

You My Heart If You Should Say,

Do You Still Love Me..?

Say That…Till Death Do Us Part.

Happy Marriage Anniversary….!!!

Long After Our Anniversary And This Greeting Has Been Thrown….

Away think of the Thought behind It Each And Every day…

Happy Wedding Anniversary My Heart…!!!

May the Love That You Share Last Your Lifetime?

A Blessing Hand Always Be There,

May Success and Happiness Be Your Forever,

As You Make a Wonderful Pair….!!!

Happy First Marriage Anniversary.

For My Wife, Red Rose For Love.

Ring for Love, Best Gift for Love.

Mean Love Forever……!!!!

Your Marriage Anniversary Is A Time Today.

For Sharing Your Affection,

It’s Obvious the 2 of you.

Have Quite A Deep Connection…!!!

How True My Feelings Were I Found Out To Be.

The Best Thing In My Life Was When You Married Me.

Thank You My Loving Husband/Wife.

For The Year We Share I Know One Thing For

Sure We Make a Wonderful Pair….!!!

That Special Day Is Here Again.

The Day We Took Our Vows.

You Are Just As Special To Me Today.

As You Still Get Me Aroused…!

Happy Marriage Anniversary

My Sweet Love You Are a Special Friend.

On Whom I Can Always Depend.

To Be There Along Through The Year.

Sharing the Good Times and the Tears.

A very Happy Marriage Anniversary to the Love of My Life…!!

Wishing You the Very Best.

A wonderful Day and the Rest.

Good Health, Good Cheer, Good Luck

And Happiness That Never End…

Drink Some Bubbly To Quench Your Thirst.

Congrats on Reaching Paper You’re First.

Happy 1st Anniversary…!

One This Special Day,

Best Wishes Go To You,

That This Wonderful Love You Share.

Last you’re Lifetime Through.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

Happiness Is Like A Butterfly.

You Run After It,

It Keeps Flying Away.

But If You Stand Still.

It Comes and Sit On You

Wish You Lots Of Butterflies.

I Love You Are Words Just Three.

Which Mean So Much on Our Anniversary,

So This Is What I Want To Say.

Live In My Heart And There For Ever Stay.

Sweet Heart;

You Haven’t Aged A Bit since the Day We Meet Each Other.

You Are Tender Fresh and Beautiful As the Morning Dew and a Lovely Rose.

I Cherish Being Your Life Partner.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Dear.

May All Your Wishes Come True.

May This First Anniversary.

Become The Starting Of Your Happiness…!

Marriage Is That Relation Between.

Man and Women in Which.

The Independence Is Equal.

The Dependence Reciprocal.

The Obligation Reciprocal.

Best Wishes for Happy Marriage Anniversary…!!!

I Awake Each Day With A Smile.

And Greet It With A Laugh.

The World Is a Treasure to Me,

Because Of You….!!!

Hoping That The Love You Shared.

Years Ago Is Still As Strong Today As.

It Was Then Bringing You Much Joy.

Love And Happiness To Celebrate Again…

Happy Marriage Anniversary ……!!!!

On Your 1st Anniversary.

I Wish This Your Life.

May Always Bloom In Bliss…

Happy Marriage Anniversary..!!!

Marriage Anniversary Sms

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