30+ Latest Collection of Good Night Wishes for Lover in 2017

Hello friends, Here we are presenting a Latest Collection of Good night wishes for lover in 2017 especially for You. Send and share these Good night wishes for lover with your Lover and Partner. Latest Good night wishes for lover is searching for the best collection of Good night wishes for lover on this page. So, doesn’t delay let us make your work easy to find your favorite Good night wishes for lover for all lovely Partner, We have brought to you the latest and heart touching Good night wishes for lover in 2017.

Good night wishes for lover

So, have a look and lovely collection your favorite Good night wishes for lover send or share with Sense of heart in English-Hindi.

Good night wishes for lover in English

  1. I Wish Moon Always Be Full And Bright And You Always Be Cool And Right, Whenever You Go To Switch Off The Light Remember That I Am Wishing You… Good Night
  2. At Night When Air Blows My Hairs, I Supposed They Are Your Kisses Missing You Too Much My Love… Good Night
  3. Good Night To The Fairy Who Magically Makes All The Troubles Of My Life Disappear With Her Kisses.
  4. Good Night Sleep Tight I Will Be Dreaming Of You With All My Might.
  5. There Are Millions of Star in The Sky, But It Love the Ones in Your Eyes So I’ll Think about You When Go to Bed… Good Night
  6. I Promise To Be The Warrior Who Fights All You Night Mares And The Messenger Who Brings All Your Sweet Dreams.
  7. Good Night Nice Dreams Love and Peace!
  8. My Dream Would Come True One Day I Wish And Want To Wake Up With You Till Then Good Night.
  9. I Wish I Was An Owl So That I Could Sit On A Branch Outside Your Window And Stare At You All Night Long.
  10. No Matter How Far You Are Always In My Thoughts! Good Night

Good night wishes for lover

  1. I Want To Come Back At My Home Every Night Because It Is In Your Arms! Good Night
  2. Good Night To The Girl Because Of Whom My Nights Have Become Longer And Dreams Have Become Dreamier.
  3. Every Day I Spend With You Is The New Best Day Of My Life. Can’t Wait For The Morning.
  4. The Day Passed Like Every Other Days, Sun Rose And Sets But My World Has Stopped. It Will Move On When I Will See Your Face Tomorrow! Good Night
  5. As The Clock Ticks Away To Midnight I Just Want To Say That You Are The Prettiest And The Most Beautiful Girl In The Whole Universe.
  6. Good Night My Love, Pleasant Dreams Sleep Tight My Love, May Tomorrow Be Sunny And Bright And Bring You Closer To Me. Good Night
  7. My Loneliness Got A Divine Light When I Saw Your Face Today And Every Day I Want Like That Good Night My Love.
  8. The Dark Skies Of The Night Are A Canvas On Which I Paint My Dreams And Imagine Us Together Now And Forever. Good Night
  9. Love Is The Simpler Feelings, I Dream Every Night About You I Want To Capture Your Heart… “I Love You”
  10. I Want to Be There To Hold You Tightly Rather Than Sending This Loving… Good Night

Good night wishes for lover

  1. I Owe My Life To Instagram Without Looking At Your Picture My Night Would Have Been Suffocating And Lonely. I Miss You Darling.
  2. Wishing You Good Night Is Not Only For Good Night But Also For Your Sweet Dreams!
  3. Every Day I Love You More Than Yesterday Sweet Dreams.
  4. All Of My Paths Got Their Destination And All My Restlessness Got A Peace When I Saw Your Face Today. Good Night My Sweetheart
  5. I Wish I Could Just Jump into Your Facebook and Give Every Pictures of You’re A Tight Good Night
  6. I Don’t Dream About You, Because I Can Never Fall Asleep Thinking About You.
  7. Instead Of Sending You Wish Like Good Night, Missing You, Love You I Just Want Can You Please Smile For Me Once. Good Night
  8. I Was Pessimistic Before I Met You; You Taught Me How To Love Things. Thank You for Being in My Life. Good Night
  9. I Wish My Heart Would Be A Piece Of Paper So That It Could Sleep In Your Arms…!
  10. I Am Wishing Good Night To The Most Beautiful Girl Who Make My Life Beautiful Every Day.

Good night wishes for lover in Hindi

  1. रात की सुहानी खुशबू से अपने खवाबो को सजा दो, और तारो की प्यारी सजावट से अपने दिलो-दिमांग को तरो ताज़ा कर दो.. सुबह रात्रि
  2. मैं हर दिन खूबसूरत लड़की को शुभ रात्रि बधाई देता हूं जो मेरी जिंदगी सुंदर बनाती हैं I
  3. मेरी रात के मुसीबतों को उसके चुंबन के साथ गायब होने वाले जादू की जादुई कहानी के लिए शुभ रात्रि I
  4. चाँद हैं और चांदनी रात हैं होती सितारों से तेरी बात हैं होती हैं हमारी हर रात प्यारी इसलिए क्योकि तुम्हारी प्यारी प्यारी यादें हमारे साथ हैं I
  5. तेरे इश्क़ का इ-मेल मेरे दिल को तड़पता है पर बीच में तेरे भाई का VIRUS आ जाता है हहहहह Good Night..

 Good night wishes for lover 

  1. हम न होते तो आप खो गए होते अपनी ज़िंदगी से रुस्वा हो गए होते यह तो आपको GOOD NIGHT कहने के लिए जाग रहे हैं वर्ण हम तो कब के सो गए होते I
  2. अँधेरी सड़क सुनसान कब्रिस्तान सूनी हवेली काला आसमान रात हो गई सो जा मेरी जान I
  3. आकाश के तारो में खोया है जहा सारा लगता हे प्यारा एक एक तारा उन तारो में सबसे प्यारा है एक सितारा जो इस वक्त पद रहा है गुड नाईट Wishes हमारा I
  4. छोड़ दी हमने हमेशा के लिए उसकी आरज़ू करना जिसे मोहब्बत की कदर न हो उसे उससे दुवाओ में क्या माँगना l
  5. Mithi Mithi Yaado Ko Palko Mein Saja Lena, Unchhuye Lamhon Ko Dil Mein Basa Lena, Nazar Na Aau Haqikat Mein Agar To Muskara Kar Mujhe Sapno Mein Bula Lena……Good Night


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