50+ Good Night Message for Friends in 2017

Hello friends, Here we are presenting a 50+ Good Night Message for Friends in 2017 especially for you. Send and share this Good Night Message for Friends with your Lovely Messages Shows your Love for your Friends. Friends are most important part of life. Awesome Good Night Message for Friends is searching on this page. So, doesn’t delay let us make your work easy to find your favorite Message for all Lovely Friends♥? We have brought to you the latest and heart touching Good Night Message for Friends in 2017.

Good Night Message for Friends

So, have a look and Latest collection your favorite Good Night Message for Friends and Good Night Messages for Girlfriend send or share with Sense of heart in English-Hindi.Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends in English

At This Moment,
3.7 Millions Are Sleeping,
2.3 Millions Are Falling In Love,
4.1 Million Are Eating &
Only One Person In The Whole World Is Reading My SMS…


Welcome Aboard Sweet Dreams Airlines.

You Are The Pilot Of Your Flight To Any Destination In The World.

In The Company of Sweet Friends like Me, Enjoy, Good Night Friend!


My Friend,

You Are the Light in My Dark,

The Smooth in My Roughs,

The Correct In My Wrong,

The Easy In My Toughs,

The Bright in My Dull,

The Good in My Bad,

The Smile in My Frowns,

The Happy In My Sad… Good Night Message for Friends


You Are The Reason, Why I Have Sleepless Nights.
You Are The Reason, Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight.
And You Are The Reason; I Can’t Sleep Without Saying Good Night!


Being Your Friend Is My Gift,
Missing You Is My Bad Luck,
Disturbing You With MSG Is My Way Of Thinking You,
But Keeping Our Friendship Is My Aim!
Good Night!


Dear Friend,

Don’t Be Worried About Tomorrow,

I Will Always Be There To Set Things Right. Good Night.

Real Friendship Is Where Quirks Are Celebrated,

Eccentricities Are Applauded And Idiosyncrasies Are Flaunted.

Ours Is Exactly Like That. Good Night!Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends

In Life,

Success Is Not Always Measured By How Big You Can Dream.

Real Success Is Often Measured By The Number Of Friends You Can Share Your Dreams With.

Good Night Message for Friends.


Let The Most Beautiful Dream Come To You Tonight,
Let The Sweetest Person Come In Your Dream Tonight,
But Don’t Make It A Habit Because I’m Not Free Every Night.
Good Night!


In This Lovely Night My Friend,
I Pray To the Blue Moon to Protect You through the Night,

The Wind to Blow Away Your Stress,

And The Twinkle Stars To Guide You The Way,
Sweet Dreams & Good Night!


If You Feel……..
Little Bored,
Little Sick,
Little Lost,
Little Sad,
You Know What Wrong?
You’re Suffering From Lack Of Vitamin Me!
Good Night!


A Good Message for a Good Person,

From A Good Friend for Good Reason,

At A Good Time on a Good Day in a Good Mood to Say, Good Night!


The Memories of Our Friendship Are Like,

The Radiance of the Moon and the Fun Times,

We’ve Had Together Are like the Twinkle of the Stars,

That Light up My Life’s Skies. Good Night!!!



Use Every Passing Moment of the Night to Dream,

About All That You Want To Achieve In Life,

 And Use Every Second of the Following Day,

To Achieve Every Dream You Saw The Previous Night. Good Night Message for Friends.Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends in Hindi

CHAND Ne Kar Liya Hain Taaron Ko INVITE.

SURAJ Ne Bhi Pakad Li Hain Subah Ki FLIGHT.

KHUDA Ki Yaad Kar Ke Off Kar Lo LIGHT.

HAMARI Taraf Se Aapko Pyaari Si GOOD NIGHT…!!!


Mubarak Ho Aapko Ye Suhani Raat,

Mile Khawabo Main Bhi Khud Ka Saath,

Khule Jab Aapki Aankhen To Dheron Khushiya Ho Aapke Saath…Good Night


Chandni Ne Ek Pyari Si Palkhi Banayi Hain,

Aur Ye Palkhi Hamne Bade Hi Pyaar Se Sajayi Hain,

Aye Hawa Tu Zara Dheere Chalna,

Mere Yaar Ko Badi Pyaari Neend Aayi Hain…Good Night


Sone Wale So Jate Hain,

Or Kishmat Ke Mare Sone Ki Aaas Main Bas Tadapte Hi Rah Jate Hain,

Karan Pucho To Sab Dil Ki Bimari Hi Batate Hain…Good Night


Na Dil Main Aata Hu,

Na Deemag Main Aata Hu,

Abhi Sota Hu,

Kal Phir Online Aata Hu….Good Night Message for Friends


Is Pyaari Si RAAT Main,

Pyare Se ANDHERE Main,

Pyaari Si NEENDIYA Main,

Pyaare Se KHAWAB Main,

Pyaare Se YAAR Ko,

Pyaara Sa GOOD Night…!!!


Yatri Kripya Dhayan De Gadi No- 1 Good Night Express,

Aapke Palko Ke Platform Pe Aa Chuki Hain,

Hamare Priye Mitr Se Nivedan Hain Ki,

Wo Pyare Sapne Lekar So Jaye……Good Night


Dil Main Halka Sa Shoor Ho Raha Hain,

Bina MSG Dil Boore Sa Ho Raha Hain,

Kahin Aisa To Nahi Ek Pyaara Sa Dost,

Good Night Kiye Bina Hi Soo Raha Hain…!!!


Aap Hamare Sabse Achhe Dost Hain,

Ye Dil Se Kahate Hain Hum,

Isliye Aapko Roz Yaad Kartein Hain Hum,

Baki Kuchh Kahein Ya Na Kahein,

Rooz Raat Ko Aapko Good Night Kahate Hain Hum. Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends

Chandni Raat Lekar Aapke Aangan Main Aaye,

Aasmaan Ke Saare Taree Lori Gaa Kar Aapko Sulaye,

Aapke Sapne Itne Pyaare Or Mithe Ho,

Ki Aap Sote Huwe Bhi Sada Muskuraye..!!! Good Night Message for Friends


Duniya Main Rah Kar Sapno Main Kho Jao.

Kisi Ko Apna Bana Lo Ya Kisi Ke Ho Jao.

Agar Kuchh Bhi Kar Sake To,

Don’t Warry Chadar-Taqiya Lo Or So Jao….Good Night


Dekho Phir Se Pyaari Raat Aa Gayi,

Good Night Kehne Ki Baari Aa Gayi,

Hum To Beithe The In Sitaro Ki Panah Main,

Chand Ko Dekha Or Aapki Yaad Aa Gayi….Good Night


Sochte hain ki gulaab bhej de,

Chahte to hain ki ye sara jahan bhej de,

Ja rahe ho aap sone to hamara dil karta hain,

Aapki neend main ek pyaara sa khawab bhej de…!!!


Humne Unse Puchha Aye Dost,

SAPNA Kya Hota Hain?

Usne Humse Kaha Abe Pahle Apni Grammer Thik Kar

Kyoki SAPNA Hota Nahi, SAPNA Hoti Hain. Good Night Message for Friends


Jab raat main aapko kisi ki yaad sataye,

Suhani hawa jab aapke balo ko sahelaye,

To karlo apni aankhein band aur so jaoo,

Kya pata maan main ho jiska khayal,

Kahi wo aapke khawabo main aa jaye…Good Night


Chand taro se raat jagmagane lagi,

Phulo ki khushbu se duniya mehkne lagi,

Ab so jaiye raat ho gayi hain kafi,

Nindiya rani bhi dekhne aapko aane lagi.

Good Night Message for Friends

Good Night Message for Friends

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