Best Collection of Funny Good Night Messages in 2017

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Funny Good Night Messages

So, have a look and Latest collection your favorite Funny Good Night Messages send or share with Sense of heart in English-Hindi.

Funny Good Night Messages in English

Thank God All the Keys of Keypad Are Working Now Go To Sleep Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

As The Thief Was Leaving the House,
The Child Woke up & Said 2 the Thief
“Take My School Bag Also, Or Else I’ll Wake up My Mum”

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Now, Birds Are Silent, Butterflies Are Hanging.
Sun Is Sleeping; Moon Is Watching You.. “Sshhhhhhhh”
It’s Time to Sleep, Close your Eyes. Sweet Dreams Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Let The Most Beautiful Dream Come to You Tonight,
Let The Sweetest Person Come In Your Dream Tonight,

But Don’t Make It a Habit, because I’m Not Free Every Night…!!!

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Don’t Waste Thinking About Your Lost Past,
Don’t Waste Time for Planning Your Future,
Better Kill Sum Mosquito With That Time,
So That You Can Sleep Better. Good Night.

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

We’ve Been Thru A Path So Dark,
But We Still Gotten Data Special Spark,
Now We Noël Data We Can Neva Go Rung,
My Love Far You Will Neva Be Gone.

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

A Late Night MSG Doesn’t Mean That I Am Disturbing You.

It Means You Are the Last Person about Whom I Am Thinking before Closing My eyes.

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Night Is To See The Dreams And Day Is To Make Them True.

So it’s good to Sleep Now and See the Dreams. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Painting Is A Feeling, Never Spoil It.
Face Is A Book, Try 2 Read It.
Love Is Precious, B Ready 2 Sacrifice For It &
Friendship Is Like A Mirror Never Break It!

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

I Wish I Was Your Blanket,
I Wish I Was Your Bed,
I Wish I Was Your Pillow Underneath Your Head,
I Want To Be Around You,
I Want To Hold You Tight,
And Be The Lucky Person Who Kisses You Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Smile Is The Best Credit Card.
Because It Is Accepted World Wide,
Auto Reload, Unlimited Usage, No Payment,
At All Makes Every One Happy So Keep Smiling. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Don’t Ever Give Up When You Are Down…
It Doesn’t Matter If U Fall Many Teems…
Just Remember That Each Time You Fall…
I’ll Never Let You Reach the Ground…
Trust Me…I’ll Always Be Around. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Dream of Star,

Dream of Palace,

Dream of Person,

Dream of a Face,

Dream of Sea,

BUT When You Dream Of Friend


Good Night Dear…

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

A Bed Of Clouds For You To Sleep,
Diamond Stars As Your Bed Side Lamp,
Angels From Heaven Singing Lullabies For You,
May You sleep Peacefully.  Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

On This Cold Cold Night,
In My Small Small Room,
I Look At the Bright Bright Stars,

In The Dark Dark Sky

And Dream Of Your Sweet Sweet Smile. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

My Day Won’t Certainly Be Over For I Have Something Left To Do.
I Just Couldn’t Sleep Yet Without Saying I Love You. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Namaskar This Is All India Ant sleeps Association Mid Night Service Our Aim Is to Disturb the Sleep of Others Thank You…!!!

Funny Good Night Messages in Hindi

1 Bar Jaan Mang Ke To Dekho,

1 Bar Yaad Kar Ke To Dekho,

Agar Hum Na Aye To Samjh Lena…
Shehzade So Rahe Hain Aur Cell Silent Pe Hain. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Intzar-E-Yaar Main Bhi Lutf-E-Kamal Hain.
Nazren Kitab Per Hain Aur Sochen Janab Per..! Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********
Koi To Raat Aisi Ho In Udaas Raton Main,
Main Tum Ko Yaad Karun Aur Tum Sach Much Aa Jao..! Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Namaskar!  Ye Hamari Madhya Ratri Seva Hain.

Isme Hum Aadhi Raat Ke Baad Logo Ki Neend Kharab Karte Hain.

Dhanyawaad. Ab So Jaiye. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

O My Friends Its Time to Crazy;

Ram Chandra Keh Gaye Siya Se Ek Din Aisa Kalyug Ayega Sssssshh….

Volume Kam Kar Papa Jag Jayega.. Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Maine Tere Liye Hi Saat Rang Ke Sapne Chune,

Sapne Surile Sapne…..

So Just Go To Sleep And See What I Have Chosen For You…

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Main Tujhse Ek Armaan Mangta Hun,
Tujhse Apni Jaan Mangta Hun,

Tu So Jayegi Mobile Off Karke Isliyem
Ek Good Night Kiss Udhar Mangta Hun!!!

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Are Chand Taaro…
Zara Inko Ek Laat Maro….
Bistar Se Inko Neeche Utaro……
Karo Inke Saath Fight…..
Kyu Ki Ye Janab So Gaye Hain Bina Bole… Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Andheri Sadak,

Sunsan Kabristan,

Sooni Haveli,

Kala Aasman,

Bijli Kadki,

Aaya Toofan ,
Raat Ho Gayi Soja Shaitan….!Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

ZINDAGI Me Kamyabi Ki MANZIL Ke Liye KHAWAB Zaruri Hain !!
Aur KHAWAB Dekhne Ke Liye NEEND !!
To Apni MANZIL Ki Pehli Sidi Chadho !!

Aur SO JAO!! Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Ati Pratapi,

Ati Tejaswi,



Jag Shiromani,

Purn Narottam,

Ati Sunder,



Parakrami_____ ______ Ji Sone Ja Rahe Hain… Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Hayo Rabba!!

Tussi So Gaye?

Inni Jaldi?

Ik Mint Ruko Mainu Good Night Te Wish Kar Len Do!!

Good Night Hain Ji !

O Tussi Chaho To Sweet Dreams Bhi Dekh Lena…

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Agar Manzil Paani Hai To Hausla Saath Rakhna,
Agar Pyar Paana Hai To Aitbaar Saath Rakhna,
Aur Agar Hamesha Muskurana Hai To Sone Se Pehle,
Humen Yaad Rakhna Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Chamakte Chand Ko Nind Aane Lagi,
Aapki Khushi Se Duniya Jagmagane Lagi,
Dekh Ke Apko Har Kali Gungunane Lagi,
Ab To Fektey Fektey Mujhe Bhi Nind Aane Lagi, Good Night

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

Dosti Agar Buri Ho,

To Use Hone Mat Do,

Ho Gayi To Use Khone Mat Do

Aur Agar Dost Ho Sabse Pyara

To Use Sone Mat Do, Jagte Raho …!

**********Funny Good Night Messages**********

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