Best Collection of Emotional Love Sms in English 2017

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Emotional Love Sms in English | Broken Heart Sms in English | Very Sad Sms

So, let’s have a look and collect your favorites latest Emotional Love Sms in English for your Male/Female partner send and share these awesome Sad Sms.

emotional love sms

Emotional Love Sms in English

If loving you is wrong then I don’t want to be right,

My love for you is strong and brighter than any light,

The way we must go is long but we will win every fight……Emotional Love Sms


My eyes miss you,

My feeling love you,

My hands need you,

My mind call you,

My heart just for you,

I will die without you because I Love you… Emotional Love Sms


Beauty doesn’t make love but love makes beauty.

Break everything but never break the heart.

Heart is the music plays it but never play with it…. Emotional Love Sms


Holding your hands,

Feeling the warmth of our togetherness,

Sharing sweet secrets of love,

Every moment with you seems like an everlasting dream.

I Love You Sweetheart……… Emotional Love Sms


I saw something in the shop window today.

It was stunning, sweet, cute, sexy and adorable.

I was supposed to buy it for you.

Till I realized it was my own reflections… Emotional Love Sms


When I see you, I miss your smile.

When I see your smile, I miss your hug.

When you hug me, I want your kiss.

I am just crazy about you….. Emotional Love Sms


The most difficult think in life is to let someone go or see a loved one walk away from your life.

It’s hard to believe that the one with whom you shared your heart, feeling, emotional and

Everything is going away…. Emotional Love Sms


Break my heart,

Destroy my soul and leave me crying.

I’d still love you and I don’t expect you to love me in return.

The best line I have ever come across.

The heart is the only broken instrument that works, without any repairing for year……. Emotional Love Sms


Sometimes, when you love someone very much,

You have to go thru every tear, every heartache and every pain.

Because in the end it’s not how you suffered but how much you loved.


If you drop me, I will break.

If you hold me, I will shake.

If you need me, I will hurry.

If you don’t call me, I will worry.

If you hurt me, I will cry.

But if you leave me, I will die….. Emotional Love Sms


Three Things That I Love,

The Sun, the Moon and You,

The Sun during the Day,

The Moon during the Night,

And You Forever And Ever,

I Love You My Sweetheart……


My love for you was ph so true.

You knew that I would never hurt you.

Now my heart is crushed broken in two,

I should have never fallen in love with you…. Emotional Love Sms


Take my eyes but let me see you.

Take my mind but let me think about you.

Take my hand but let me touch you.

But don’t try to take my heart.

Because it’s already with you….!!! Emotional Love Sms


Tenderness of your lips,

The fragrance of your breath,

The warmth of your embrace,

Being with you is like a dream come true.

I love you baby….!!!


I never searched but I found you.

I never asked but I have you.

I never wished for anything but it comes true.

I just want to thanks God.

For giving me such a lovely GF like you…!!! Emotional Love Sms


Never say yes when you want to say no.

Never say you are happy when you are worried.

Never say everything is fine when everything is bad.

Never say you are alone when I am still alive…..


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