Best Collection of Broken Heart Sms in English 2017

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So, let’s have a look and collect your favorites latest Broken Heart Sms in English for your Male/Female partner send and share these awesome Hurt Sms.

Broken Heart Sms in English

  • Relationships are like glass;

Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

  • Some people are so lucky that even after hurting.

They get so much love & some are so unlucky that even after giving so much love.

They always get hurt….

Broken heart Sms English

When I heard stories about separated couples,

I never thought same will happen to me,

Because I thought our love is so strong,

But today it has come to me,

Breaking my heart in to thousands of pieces…..!!!

Hurt Sms in English

  • Each drop of a tear is costly than anything in world.

But no one knows its value until they have it in their own eyes for someone…

  • Beautiful truth against gravity read carefully.

Te heart feels light when someone is in it.

But it feels very heavy when some leaves it….

Broken heart Sms English

When people hurt you over and over,

Think of them like sandpaper

They may scratch and hurt you a bit but in the end.

You end up polished and they end up useless….!!!

Broken heart Sms English

  • I need to make myself busy so I can forget that I am deeply hurt and broken….
  • If ever I knew that love will become reason of pain and destruction for me. I would never let my heart go.

Hurt Sms in English

If you leave someone at least tell them why,

Because what’s more painful than being abandoned is knowing,

You are not worth an explanation…!!!

Hurt Sms in English

  • Living a day without you would mean having no life at all.

But if losing you is the best thing to make you happy then I must live without a life…

  • I don’t know why they call it heartbreak.

It feels like every other part of my body is broken too.

Hurt Sms in English

You can disappear at anytime and you did forget that I was here.

All you can do is forgetting I am left with a Broken Heart….!!!

Hurt Sms in English

  • I remember him not as the one who broke my heart.

But as the one who taught me how to live with a Broken Heart

  • Broken Heart sometimes following your heart.

Mean losing your mind when the mind is losing them everything is losing.

Hurt Sms in English

At this great loss I don’t have many words.

To make you feel better but I have a heart.

To share your feelings, thoughts and make you smiling again…..!!!

Heart Sms in English

  • Sometime giving someone second chance is giving them an extra bullet for the gun.

Because they missed you the first time…

  • A Broken Heart is like a dog bite, the pain will go away.

But the scar will last forever…

Heart Sms in English

Once you have been hurt.

You are so scared to get attached again.

You have a fear that every person is going to your Break Heart….!!!

Heart Sms in English

  • I remember him not as the one who broke my hurt.

But as the one who taught me how to live with a Broken Heart

  • Walking alone is not difficult but when we walked a mile with someone then.

Coming back alone is difficult.

Heartbroken Sms in English

Forgetting you is hard to do.

Forgetting me is up to you.

Forget me not forget me never.

Remember this SMS but not the sender….!!!

Heartbroken Sms in English

  • If you will leave me, I promise you will come back once with your,

Open EYES to see my Closed EYES….

  • You said you didn’t want to see me hurt.

Does that mean you close your eyes when I cried for you…

Heart Broken Sms in English

If it was to gift me silence.

Why did you please me with our long talks?

If it was to push me back to loneliness.

Why did you force me out of it….!!!

Heart Broken Sms in English

The girl who seemed unbreakable broke, the girl who always laughed cried.

The girl that never stopped trying finally gave up.

She dropped her fake smile as a tear rolled down her cheek and she whispered to herself I can’t

Do this anymore….!!!


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