50+ Feeling Alone Status for Whatsapp | Alone Whatsapp Status

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Feeling Alone Status for Whatsapp | Alone Whatsapp Status

  • Sometimes in Life it’s good to be Alone… So That No Can Hurt U.
  • I Love Being Alone, But I Hate Being Lonely.
  • Sometimes Loneliness Is My Good Friend…


  • It’s Sad to Be Happy Alone.
  • Loneliness Is The Most Terrible Poverty.
  • Remember We Are All In This Alone.
  • When U Feel Lonely, Music Is Ur Only Friend.


  • Your Heart Is The Most Precious Part Of U; Never Donate It To Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate It…
  • Being Lonely Is Like A Storm With No Rain, Crying Without Tears…!!
  • The Worst Loneliness Is Not To Likes Yourself.


  • Behind Those Fake Smiles Their Lies A Lonely Heart…!!
  • Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Completely In The Dark…!!
  • I Am Not Alone, But I Am Lonely Without U


  • Loneliness Is A Part Of Ur Life. It Teaches Us That We Are Not Complete In Ourselves.
  • Tears Are Prayers Too. & They Travel To God When We Can’t Speak.
  • Sometimes U Need to Run Away Just To See Who Will Follow U…


  • Only U Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad…
  • Sometimes There Is So Much_ We Feel But So Little We Can Say.
  • It’s Too Hard to Stay Alone In Life….!!
  • The Soul of Sadness Is Self!


  • Being Lonely Is The Difficult Thing In Life.
  • That Sad Moment When Ur Silence To Save Relation Consider As Ur Ego….


  • 1 Day You Will See What U Lost. 1 Day I Will See What I Gained.
  • I Am Invisible, Until Someone Needs Me.


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